About The TKC Project

The Kaijudo Channel website was founded in late 2013 by TKC (Cory) and Mana (Melissa). It all started with TKC's wish to have a fansite that provides all kinds of different Kaijudo content for the community. In essence, it would be the hotspot for everything Kaijudo, which was TKC's YouTube channel for the longest time, ever since the game was announced back in early 2012. After TKC attempted to get the project running on his own, he decided to wait until the time was right, which was when he met Mana, a very experienced web designer who aided TKC in completing the project.

Thanks to everyone's support, we have a site up and running, just dying to give the community what they want. It will just keep on getting better and better from here as we get more cool features up on the site. Thank you all very much and enjoy The Kaijudo Channel!


TKC - Cory L.

This is TKC himself, The Kaijudo Channel, who has been a fan of Kaijudo ever since the game was announced and is the founder of the TKC website and YouTube channel. Being a fan of Duel Masters and many other TCGs in the past, it was a no-brainer that he would really be into Kaijudo. TKC also has a passion for video games ever since the age of 4 where he would be playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES, or DOS games on the PC. His passion for computers in general led TKC to work in the IT field, which allowed him to get this very own site up and running in hopes that it will be a great site for all to enjoy.

Site Role:Programming Guru

Fav Deck Style:Control

Fav Card:Starlight Strategist

Fav Civ:

Mana - Melissa G.

Board games and card games are some of her passions. She used to play Magic The Gathering a long time ago and now thanks to Kaijudo, she found both a fun game and an amazing boyfriend, TKC. When she has some free time, she likes to experiment on goofy ideas/decks for fun with her group of friends and on Duel Days, she helps a lot of new players learn the game. Her biggest wish is to one day get a Scaradorable plushie.

Site Role:Design & UI

Fav Deck Style:Tempo Swarm

Fav Card:Underworld Stalker

Fav Civ: