August 26, 2014 @ 2:20 AM

TKC Team Announcement

First and foremost, we would like to thank you all for the support you guys have been giving us. It started as a small idea for ourselves and resulted in a big site we wanted to share with you all. Rest assured, all the donations we are getting are going into the hosting of this project!


Sadly WotC/Hasbro judged it was time to close shop. Like any business, money runs it all and we can't blame them if the right numbers didn't show. For now, let's remember them for all the good times we got (and will have at the last championship they are hosting). Is it truly over now?

For some of you perhaps. For the TKC team, we aren't going anywhere anytime soon and we will just post this card for now for funzies (down below) as we have been brainstorming lately after seeing many ideas popping out on the Facebook Kaijudo Dojo fan page.

"Open Kaijudo Community Cards"?
"Community Formats section on the site"?
"Challenge of the week/month"?
"Council/vote of banlist/rotation"?
and much more...

Right now, we are taking a break after releasing the deck builder (we really need it!) once we hit October, if people are still interested in Kaijudo, we are open to suggestions and ideas to keep the game alive! (until WotC revives it one day? *winks and giggles in hopes*)

Naturally, we will ask WotC for some permissions depending of the ideas, they are still the rightful owners and Duel Masters in Japan is still strong.

Until then, let's all enjoy Vortex! Tell Carl Reddish or Cory Linhares any ideas you would like to see at the Champs, they can relay the info to the wizards (they are doing it for you!), and never be shy to post decks on our website to share with the community! :)