Card Details

Illus.: Chris Seaman

Swarming Rapids Lurker

Level: 5 Type: Evolution Creature Civilization: Water
Power: 6000 Race: Trench Hunter
Card Text:

Evolution - Put on one of your Water creatures.

Blocker, Double Breaker

Unleash - This creature gets +5000 power until the end of the turn and can't be blocked this turn. (To use a creature's "Unleash" ability, put a card from under it into your discard pile when it attacks.)

Flavor Text: "You have The Gauntlet, but do you know how to wield it?" -The Choten
Set Rarity Card Number
Gauntlet Promos (13PRM) Promotional P7
Category Keywords: Blocker, Multiple Abilities, Power Increase, Unblockable