Card Details

Illus.: Mikumo

Shaman of the Vigil

Level: 3 Type: Evolution Creature Civilization: Light / Nature
Power: 5500 Race: Enforcer/Beast Kin
Card Text:

(This card enters your mana zone tapped)

Evolution - Put on one of your Enforcers or Beast Kin.

Pack Sworn - All your Beast Kin have "Protector." (You may tap a creature that has "Protector" to change an attack on one of your other creatures to it.)

Inspirit - At the end of each of your turns, untap all your Enforcers.

Set Rarity Card Number
Year 2 Promos (Y2PRM) Promotional P15
Category Keywords: Mass Ability, Multiple Abilities, Protector, Reusable, Untap