Card Details

Illus.: Shishizaru

Khordia, the Soul Tyrant

Level: 9 Type: Creature Civilization: Darkness / Nature
Power: 9000 Race: Shadow Champion/Earthstrike Dragon
Card Text:

(This card enters you mana zone tapped.)

Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Essence Siphon - When this creature enters the battle zone, put all creatures from your discard pile into your mana zone tapped.

Soul Shackle - Whenever this creature attacks, you may choose a creature in your mana zone that is level 6 or less and put it into the battle zone.

Set Rarity Card Number
Shattered Alliances (9SHA) S10
Category Keywords: Enter The Battle Zone, Mass Ability, Multiple Abilities, Ramp (Mana Accel), Reusable