Card Details

Illus.: Blankas

Fullmetal Lemon

Level: 3 Type: Creature Civilization: Light / Nature
Power: 3500 Race: Enforcer/Wild Veggie
Card Text:

(This card enters your mana zone tapped.)

Blocker (You may tap this creature to change an enemy creature's attack to this creature.)

Skirmisher (This creature can attack only creatures.)

Juiced - If this creature would be banished, put it into your mana zone instead.

Flavor Text: "Who ordered the lemon aid?"
Set Rarity Card Number
Clash of the Duel Masters (7CLA) 81
Year 2 Promos (Y2PRM) Promotional P19
Category Keywords: Blocker, Multiple Abilities, Ramp (Mana Accel)