Card Details

Illus.: Jesper Ejsing

Infernus the Immolator

Level: 11 Type: Creature Civilization: Fire
Power: 17000 Race: Monarch/Armored Dragon
Card Text:

Triple Breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Inferno Breath - When this creature enters the battle zone, banish any number of target enemy creatures that have total power 8000 or less.

Volcanic Temper - Whenever this creature becomes the target of one of your opponent's spells or abilities, choose 3 of your opponents shields. This creature breaks those shields.

Fire Monarch - Each of your other Fire creatures gets +4000 power.

Set Rarity Card Number
Clash of the Duel Masters (7CLA) S4
Category Keywords: Enter The Battle Zone, Mass Ability, Multiple Abilities, Power Increase, Removal, Shield Break